Stucco Coating Calgary

Stucco Coating Calgary

Is the exterior of your home in need of some work? We often attribute painting services with the interior of a building. However, depending on the materials used to build your home or office, there can be a coating applied to protect the building from the elements, assist with insulation and much more! Although the coating does protect the building, it acts as a shield against the weather. And with time, the coating will need to be reapplied. Dow Brothers Painting provides professional stucco coating services in Calgary.

If the exterior of your home looks like it needs a reapplication of stucco or a first coat, Dow Brother Painting is here for you! Our professional painters have the experience and the training to complete your stucco coating. We offer professional coating services at affordable rates.

For more detailed information about our stucco coating services in Calgary you can reach us by phone or through email. Our representatives will schedule an appointment with one of our professionals. They will assess your home and provide you with an estimate to complete the project.


Professional Stucco Coating Services

Dow Brothers Painting offers professional stucco coating services. We offer a 2 coating and 3 coating process depending on the materials used for your walls. Our team has the tools, equipment and expertise to give your building a crisp finishing touch. Our crew have the training as well as the experience to seamlessly complete even the largest jobs.

First, we’ll clean your walls with a power washer and fill in the cracks in your wall. Depending on the surface, our experts will install a galvanized netting. This will allow the stucco to be anchored more thoroughly. And we use top-tier stucco. So that way you get the most bang for your buck.

Our team will systematically paint your building one wall at a time. And just like any painting job we take on, we’ll apply the coating thoroughly and with precision.


Increase the Value of Your Home

Stucco serves many purposes and provides your home with many benefits. For instance, once the stucco has been applied, it requires very little maintenance. Stucco is also energy efficient, it dampens sound and adds an aesthetic element to your building. Stucco is energy efficient, meaning it helps to maintain the interior temperature by serving as insolation. And it is also fire and rot resistant. Additionally, by investing in your home, you increase its value and that can even translate into improved insurance premiums.

Dow Brothers Painting’s professional Calgary stucco coating services is a great way to protect your home while adding a unique aesthetic quality to it! You can trust our professionals to carefully, properly apply a stucco coating that works with your home.