Trim & Doors Painting Services Calgary

Trim & Doors Painting Services Calgary

When it comes to painting trims and doors, it’s important to do it right. But what exactly does that mean? Painting a wall is one thing. The canvas is much bigger. And generally, to paint the walls you need a wide roller that covers a larger area. Each stroke reaches far and wide. And the idea is to cover as much of the wall as possible while expending the least amount of energy. It’s a game of efficiency. However, when it comes to doors and trims, precision matters. Dow Brothers Painting provides quality trim and doors painting services in Calgary.

Dow Brothers Painting offers quality painting services for the exterior and interior of your home or office. We’ve been painting for many years and have completed hundreds of paint jobs. We’re a team of painters who have all of the right tools and skills to paint your walls, trims, doors and much more! We’ll work with you to create a wonderful design for your interior. Our experts know all about color combinations and how to bring a room to life.

We’re a painting company that puts you first! Which means we always deliver excellent customer service when painting your home. And our painters will bring a friendly and professional atmosphere to the job site. And we’ll make sure that you’re happy with your home or office’s new look.


Painting Trims

When it comes to quality trim and door painting services in Calgary, we can help. Every paint job needs to be done with precision – especially trims. Dow Brothers Painting provides accurate trim painting jobs. And we are the best at what we do. Our painters have years of experience and will make sure that your trim is painted with precision and care. We’ll give your trims the finishing touch to make your home look beautiful and clean.

We take a systematic approach to all of our paint jobs. Regardless of how careful a painter is, there is simply no way that every stroke will be perfect. So we’ll use masking tape to divide the trims from the doors and walls. So even if we miss a little bit, the walls and doors will be protected. Additionally, our painters will use plastic sheets to cover your floor!

When it comes to painting, our team knows how important it is to get every detail right. That’s why we’ll take extra time when painting your door or window frames so they look perfect when finished. It’s not just about getting the job done quickly, but also doing it well! We promise that once you see the final result, you’ll be happy with our workmanship!


Painting doors is much simpler! Dow Brothers Painting will simply remove the door, apply the paint and wait for it to dry. After that it’s just a matter of putting it back. We’ll help you choose the right colors to evoke the energy you’re looking for.

Dow Brother Painting always works methodically and carefully. It’s always simpler to do it right the first time after all. So you can count on us to deliver the beautiful finish you’re looking for. For more information regarding our trim and doors painting services in Calgary, give us a call, or send us an email! We’re looking forward to transforming your home!

Trim & Doors Painting Services Calgary